Indicators, indexes and rankings: when numbers challenge legal analysis by David Restrepo-Amariles ©Fotolia

The legal field has experienced rapid increases in the use of indicators, which give quantitative measures of aspects such as the extent of the rule of law. A new paper takes a closer look at why and how these legal metrics have emerged and what it means for governance.

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Performance Management5 March 2015

Buyouts: when ownership by private equity firms matters

Buyouts of various types of businesses by private equity (PE) firms have grown tremendously over (...)

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Performance Management2 February 2015

How to abandon budgets for the good of the company

Putting a stop to budgeting is a radical notion in the business world, yet some prominent companies (...)

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More and more governments are tightening the purse strings and have begun linking the reimbursement (...)

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Sustainable development raises great hope for companies. It is a breeding-ground for innovations of (...)

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Performance Management15 September 2011

Private Equity Investors As Boosters of Corporate Performance

As company financing via private equity has increased dramatically in the past decade in Europe, it (...)

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Performance Management15 June 2008

How to Develop Profitable Services

While 50% of some manufacturing companies' revenue comes from services, other companies are (...)

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