Giada Di Stefano - HEC Paris - Storytelling Strategy ©Tony Baggett

Transformation is a difficult challenge for companies. How can the art of storytelling guide companies through transformative change? Researchers Giada Di Stefano and Elena Dalpiaz turn to Italian houseware and kitchen utensil company — and master storyteller — Alessi to understand the narrative practices for successful change.

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Business Strategy20 January 2018

Does environmental proactivity pay?

For a firm to be profitable, does it need to listen to all its stakeholders? And what happens if a (...)

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NGOs and commercial firms often form partnerships. What is it that drives these alliances and who (...)

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Organizations can get burnt if they don’t respond to social and environmental demands; at the same (...)

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Human Resources Management27 November 2017

When your CV doesn’t interfere with strategic job hopping

Having worked for a prestigious company in the past tends to help in landing another good position. (...)

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Human Resources Management10 November 2017

Envy at work: how organizations can improve productivity

Envy between employees can affect a firm’s performance. In their study, Tomasz Obloj and Todd (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship18 October 2017

Kickstarter study reveals the crowd often prefers to play it safe

The online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has the reputation of helping innovative start-ups get (...)

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship1 September 2017

How bank deregulation stunts innovation in small firms

Research has shown that deregulation of banking markets across the globe increases competition (...)

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