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The HEC campus provides a wide range of accommodation facilities, which gives students a full access to the HEC experience. Surrounded by the woods and many sports facilities, students from all HEC programs share unique moments among an exceptional student body representing more than 40 nationalities. These close ties facilitate team work as well as the building of an international network.

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Felix Peeters (Belgium), M1 student: 

It's wonderful to live on campus. From meeting people in the hallway to unexpected dorm parties, it is the ultimate campus experience. And it's a romantic idea, almost, to know you will eat in that same student restaurant for a year. Not because the food is great, it's definitely good by the way, but because you do it together with your friends.

Ashish Mamgain (India), M1 student:

The campus provides plenty of opportunities to bond. You can bond over a meal at the dinner table or make friends at Party of the Week -POW. There are all sorts of clubs which you can join and meet people who share similar interests as yours. The possibilities are infinite and it’s totally up to you to choose what you want to experience.

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HEC students are offered the possibility to live on Campus by renting a room in one of the 18 student halls, which are divided into more than 1,400 furnished rooms and flats.

For September 2018, accommodation prices are expected to be as follows (may change):

  • Shared -Shower room (BAT.H) : 450€
  • Shared-room with individual bathroom (BAT.L1-M1): 275€ per person
  • Single room (BAT. L1-M1-AP): 550€
  • Single room T1 (BAT. B-E-F-G-J-K-N1): from 564€ to 780€
  • Single room T1 PMR (BAT. B-E-F-G-J-K-N1): from 710€ to 780€
  • Single room T2 and T2 PMR (BAT. B-E-F-G-J-K-N1): from 810€ to 1160€

HEC Paris has launched an important program of construction and renovation of the student halls in order to increase the number of rooms and to provide students with even better facilities. 

The building of a new 96-room residence and the renovation of 10 buildings have started. The program of works will be totally finished in 2019, increasing the total accommodation capacity by 20%.

The students living on campus have access to a 650-seat restaurant offering continental breakfasts, buffet lunches and dinners. 3 cafeterias and 1 bar are also available on campus, for snacks, cold and hot beverages. A supermarket is located across the street, next to a pizza restaurant.

HEC Paris has also launched a new social network for accommodations: Studapart.

On the platform, you will be able to:

  • Find/Offer a rental in France or abroad
  • Find your roommate(s) and form shared rentals in France or abroad
  • Find/Offer a subletting in France or abroad
  • Find/Offer a temporary room in France or abroad  
    Log into the platform using the following enrollment key: HECHOUSING