Sunaina Donimath

Sunaina Donimath

MiM Grande Ecole, International Finance Specialization

Class of 2017


from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Analyst at Goldman Sachs

An HEC Paris education helped me identify my strengths and how to better position myself in the job market

I obtained my bachelors in electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Later I worked at Qualcomm before starting at HEC Paris. Joining the Grande Ecole program and later the Finance specialization was the best decision I could have made and after my first year at HEC I was given the chance to do a summer internship at Blackrock, London.

As an engineering student, I had little exposure to finance before HEC. During the first year of HEC it was my interaction with the professors and friends, who shared their experiences, that helped me decide on the International Finance specialization. The program is demanding, rigorous but at the same time very rewarding. It offers a great choice of courses and thus flexibility across both Corporate Finance and Markets tracks. The Finance specialization at HEC is a solid foundation for someone looking to kick start their career in finance as it enriches you with not only specialized field knowledge but also with a smart and talented group of peers.

The thing that appealed the most to me about the program is the way it was structured, with a balance of both, a great academic curriculum and career opportunities. Right from the beginning, we were put in touch with industry professionals, to get a good understanding of the job market. Subsequently, we received help from the career service to narrow down our applications and get feedback. HEC is graced with a well-connected alumni network who are friendly to approach, and are ready to provide guidance and support where possible. Also, the courses at HEC are delivered in such a way that they address the practical skills needed in the workplace. On a couple of courses, professors take special interest not just in cultivating conceptual knowledge, but also in career support.

An HEC Paris education helped me identify my strengths and how to better position myself in the job market. The MIF curriculum has helped me tailor my quantitative skills to the financial markets, with the vast set of courses helping me understand the main tools and concepts used in the industry. Besides engaging industry professionals and practitioners, HEC attracts talented students from diverse backgrounds that enhance your experience. We learnt from each other through classroom participation, team projects and enjoyed our time together on campus.

 Going forward, I will be working with the quant team of the equity trading desk at Goldman Sachs, London.