Luka Simoneti

Luka Simoneti


Class of 2014


from University of Ljubljana

Full-Time Internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Slovenia

No matter how high your goals might be, I can assure you that MIF will equip you with all you need to achieve them

  • You earned a merit based scholarship from the French Government. What advice would you give to HEC Paris students who want to apply for a scholarship?

I financed my studies at HEC with two merit based scholarships; one from the Slovene Scholarship Fund and second from the French Government. A lot of information about different funding options can be found on the internet (e.g. for France: and obtained by contacting foreign embassies, while sometimes the easiest way is simply to ask current students directly.
Perhaps a bit surprising but France offers a number of scholarships for foreign students, which can make studies at HEC even more attractive relative to other leading programs. For instance, I was admitted to both LSE and HEC masters in finance, and if I had some thoughts about which one to choose, it became an absolute no-brainer after I was granted the funds.

If you are admitted to one of the HEC Paris programs be aware that you have a very competitive profile for merit-based scholarships. At least in my own experience, it is definitely worth investing some extra time in a research and the application process, as there is a high chance you will be rewarded.

  •  Did you join any clubs or associations at HEC?

Before I started my undergraduate studies, I was playing basketball at the competitive level for more than 10 years. In that period I was a three time national champion, but due to an injury I had to stop pursuing my dreams to be a professional player.

A few years later I unexpectedly joined the HEC Basketball team. It turned out to be a great opportunity to meet non-MIF students, as our team consisted of players studying at almost all HEC programs and coming from 10 different countries. Not only did I make some life-long friends… but we also finished 4th in the French Basketball University Championship, which as we were told is the second best team sport result in school history.

Otherwise, HEC offers a wide range of clubs and associations and joining some of them is the easiest way to meet students from other programs and get involved in activities not related to your core studies. Alternatively, attending weekly on-campus parties and events would be my second advice to build a lot of new friendships.

  • What advice would you give to the future students of the MIF program?

When applying to master`s programs and later on for jobs try to gather in advance as much information as possible. Although the internet offers many useful resources, usually the most valuable and accurate is the first-hand insight of current students/employees. I also highly recommend doing some internships before starting a full-time job, as it helps you to find out in which industry and sector you would like to work.

And finally, no matter how high your goals might be, I can assure you that MIF will equip you with all you need to achieve them, yet do not forget that at the end the most important thing is to set ones that will really make you happy!