Patrick Legland

Patrick Legland is Global Head of Research and a member of the Global Executive Committee at Société Générale. He previously headed the Global Cash Global Equity business and was co-head of the Equity Capital Markets chain. Prior to joining Société Générale, he was a Managing Director at UBS in London and at Paribas Capital Markets in Hong Kong and London, focused on Equity and Debt Capital Markets. Patrick also lectures on The Financing Decisions of Firms in the MIF and MFE programs, on Advanced Corporate Finance in the MBA, and on M&A in the MIM/Grande Ecole Program.

  • Tell us about the courses you teach in the Masters in International Finance program:

My courses systematically combine theory and relatively recent real life case studies on which I have worked myself. My aim is to make students aware that to execute a deal properly, in the best interest of the client, investment bankers need to master various skills and have a solid knowledge of business practices. For most case studies, we start from the initial pitch to a client, then work on the operational and financing structuring and finally on market execution, all within the strict regulatory and compliance framework.

  • Société Générale has been an active partner of HEC Paris for many years. Can you tell us more about the relationship?

Société Générale is always keen to support HEC students. Besides sponsoring the Energy & Finance Chair, which is very active, we recently organized a half-day visit for students to our London dealing rooms, including presentations from key investment banking managers. This was also a great opportunity for students to extend their networks.

  • You frequently take part in the admission jury for the HEC Paris MIF. What are the qualities you are looking for in an applicant?

I would like first to stress these exchanges are always highly interesting and valuable, and always a real pleasure. Besides the applicant’s technical background, which is key, we focus on what they learned from their internships and if they up to date on economic and financial news. Last but not least, are they excited about their schooling? I always ask myself if I would enjoy working with the candidate.

  • Do you have any advice for students keen on starting a career in banking in 2015?

Above all be passionate about what you do, and truly understand that to provide clients with the best service and deal execution, teamwork and expertise sharing across the bank is absolutely key. Also key is in depth knowledge of market regulation and compliance framework, which are key to protecting your firm, your clients, and yourself.