Marc Canal

Marc Canal


Class of 2014


from ESADE

Previous experience as an Analyst for McKinsey & Company

MFE offers a good balance between a solid theoretical economic framework and a notable amount of practical work

  • Why did you choose HEC Paris and the MFE as your Master Program?

I chose HEC Paris for several reasons.
First, because of its good reputation - just have a look at Financial Times rankings, for instance.
Second, because it was a great opportunity to master my French.
Third, because of its amazing placement prospects. And finally, because it had a program that perfectly matched my expectations.
I chose MFE because it offered a good balance between a solid theoretical economic framework and a notable amount of practical work relating various areas such as economics (e.g. forecasting), finance and strategy. Moreover, the job opportunities offered by the MFE program were very diverse, including consulting, investment banking and jobs in all kinds of industries and international organizations.

  • How did you benefit from the job market workshops?

The job market workshops are very interesting and a great opportunity to learn how to approach the job market and manage various aspects of application processes. Nevertheless, what's more important is the environment towards finding a good job that HEC and students themselves create. Workshops are the stepping stone to start facing the job market, while classmates (or even students from other masters) are the perfect way to master your application skills, practice for interviews and learn from each other's experiences.

  • Could you explain your current job responsibilities?

I'm a full-time analyst at McKinsey, so I rotate among projects and teams frequently. As a consultant, my responsibilities are very diverse and can range from extracting and analyzing data from a database or building an excel model to participating in a client meeting or taking part in a due diligence.

  • Why would you suggest other prospective students to study at HEC Paris?

I would suggest prospective students to study at HEC Paris, firstly, because it has greatly helped me find a very good job. In addition, I have had the opportunity to build my own curriculum through different electives and have learned a lot from all of them. Finally, I have met a very diverse group of people that came from very different academic backgrounds and countries, most of which are not only very capable and interesting classmates, but have also become very good friends.