Joe El-Khoury

Joe  El-Khoury


Business Development Manager at L'Oréal, United Arab Emirates

MSc in Marketing, Class of 2013. Previously at American University of Beirut

Abundance of professional speakers from Google, Carrefour, to GFK and P&G

After having worked for 2 years at a leading FMCG company as a brand manager in the Middle East, I decided to enroll in the Msc in Marketing to get a fresh perspective on the marketing tools and strategies that exist in mature markets.

I felt these tools would be important as the emerging markets, which are now the focus of every company, become more and more relevant. I found that the program struck a good balance between the conceptual, quantitative, and strategic elements in marketing, emphasizing marketing as a strategic pillar in an organization.

An interesting element in the program is the abundance of professional speakers which visit us and discuss a variety of topics relevant to our courses, from Google, Carrefour, to GFK and P&G. The students are always in touch with an organization, and the concepts and in-class discussions are placed in a case-in-point frame from real-life examples that the speakers present to the class.

Outside of traditional marketing, courses like Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility gave the course an up-to-date edge, bringing in fresh concepts and discussions that are relevant to the quickly changing world of today. It goes without saying that having access to world renowned figures like Jean-Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien give is great added value to the program.