Beichen Nie

Beichen Nie

MSc Marketing

Class of 2016


from Imperial College London

Consumer Insight Intern at Nielsen

One of the programme highlights definitely should be the L’Oreal Next Billion Challenge

Before joining HEC, I studied MSc Chemistry at Imperial College London and completed two internships at Nielsen China and TNS UK.

A multi-faceted learning experience

Apart from the reputation, I chose to study at HEC Paris due to its rich education resources and its French environment. HEC has partnered with numerous industry leaders (start-ups and established guest companies), which means there are many opportunities to network with high-profile speakers who work in course-related fields. Besides, depending on the course selection, there are also chances to learn from world renowned professors such as Jean- Noël Kapferer and Vincent Bastien. In terms of the culture, after 4 years of study in London, I wanted to start my new journey in a different country where I could explore new cultures and enrich my international experience. Campus HEC is located near Paris, providing convenient access to one of the most culturally diverse cities in Europe as well as many career opportunities.

For non-business profiles, the program includes a set of mandatory management courses: Strategy, Finance / Accounting, and Marketing. Additionally, this programme offers a wide range of elective courses on the hottest topics like big data and health marketing, so I can easily find the ones that suit my interest.

An opportunity to interact with top companies

One of the programme highlights definitely should be the L’Oreal Next Billion Challenge which is a full-week project competition dedicated to a real business case at L’Oreal. The event was held in the first week of the spring term when we had neither courses nor other assignments so that we could 100% concentrate on this project. The project itself was very intense but also extremely interesting in a way that we could commit to creativity as well as problem-solving and receive training from L’Oreal executives.

Mastery of key skills

During my time at HEC, I’ve sharpened the most practical and perhaps the most basic survival skill for a marketer – presentation skills. We had a very informative lecture delivered by a manager from Twitter on how to make better PowerPoint slides and plenty of class projects to hone our presentation skills.

Upon the completion of the programme, I hope to work in the FMCG/cosmetics/pharma industry building brands with purpose.

Published on February 14, 2016