Quitterie de Fonbrune

Quitterie  de Fonbrune

MSc in Strategic Management, Class of 2007


Currently a Manager Consultant for Stanwell Consulting


Ecole Centrale Paris

Consultancy is an exciting career, which requires curiosity, rigor and enthusiasm. If these qualities are yours, then you should try it…

  • In a few words, describe your job...

In the line of work as a consultant, I represent the managers of Banking and Insurance companies, so that they can completely transform themselves in order to improve operational and commercial performance:

  • development of operational strategies
  • outlining and driving transformation projects
  • change management
  • operational efficiency
  • business efficiency
  • aligning business and information systems.

  • What are the highlights of your career (education taken, first job, evolution of career etc.)?

After getting my engineering degree at Centrale Paris, I worked for a year and a half at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the consultancy department. This new experience allowed me to get a taste for this job and appreciate the value of the interaction with various stakeholders (which you meet on projects whilst in the consultancy teams for the customer). It is following this that I chose to join HEC for a specialized master (mastère spécialisé) in Strategic Management.

During the master degree at HEC, I was offered an opportunity to join a strategy consultancy firm, A.T. Kearney. The first few years in the firm led me to discover another aspect of the world of consultancy which was more analytical with less customer interactions and more teamwork at the office. However I had missed the human interaction so I took up an offer to meet the founders of an up and coming firm who wanted me to work for them.

So I joined Stanwell Consulting, and I have been here for 3 years now. The jobs which have been given to me allowed me to develop my capacity for initiative and leadership, and being promoted to manager. It is the role I want today, and I lead a team of 4 consultants in a Post Merger Integration team in Retail Banking.

  • Does your job have an international dimension? If yes, what is it?

My job takes me to clients in their offices abroad when projects require my assistance. Right now, I work in Brussels so that I am closer to my client.

  • Why did you choose HEC?

I wanted to complete my engineering background with a specialized master in a school of an equivalent level to Centrale Paris. HEC was the only choice in my mind!

  • What has your specialised master from HEC taught you (both personally and professionally)?

The additional training allowed me to step back from my first experience, and to make light of the lessons that I had learnt at HEC, both from a technical point of view, (corporate strategy, financial analysis...) and from a human point of view (during conflict management, for example, which benefits you more when you apply the theory of your experience).

  • Courses, seminars, meetings, parties... What are the most vivid memories of your years at HEC?

HEC had the opportunity to come across some quality teachers, and interact with them more than they had done during my engineering background. The accessibility of the faculty is a rich asset for students, and it is a pleasure that I can still see some of my teachers today!

  • Finally, what advice would you give to students aspiring to a career in your field?

Consultancy is an exciting job, which requires curiosity, rigor and enthusiasm. If these qualities are yours, then you’d better try it...