Luxury Key Features

As the N°1 French business school, HEC Paris has built close ties with the world-renowned Paris luxury business. Now competing in a global market, luxury brands are facing specific issues which require not only solid groundings in the field but also creativity and dedication to excellence. This is what the Luxury Certificate brings to HEC students.



HEC Paris and Kering joined efforts to provide students with state-of-the-art brand and luxury management skills. Associated with a particular culture and sense of excellence, luxury needs to be tackled with tailored mindset and knowledge. The HEC Paris’ Luxury Certificate has been designed with a thoughtful combination of HEC Paris’ management expertise and Kering’s global insight on the luxury business. Students have therefore access to a comprehensive vision of the luxury specificities, areas, products, and an understanding of the vital role of creativity and innovation in this business. Kering’s involvement in the program allows students to experience real- luxury-business life through seminars, workshops and even a consulting project on a Kering brand case.

Program objectives

Empower participants to strategically and creatively enhance the value of luxury brands by:

  • Understanding the fundamental notions of luxury
  • Acquiring the key skills and practices around luxury management
  • Developing creative solutions aimed at achieving brand excellence

Study concrete cases and have privileged exchange with people leading Kering brands.

Chaired by...

Kering Luxury Division with 17 Brands and managers of all brands represented in the program over the years: