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Become an entrepreneur at HEC Paris

Entrepreneurship is attracting more and more young graduates. At HEC Paris, 75% of students from Entrepreneurship programs started their own businesses in 2014. To date, more than 500 businesses have been created by HEC Paris graduates. And a large proportion have achieved international success: PriceMinister, Spartoo, Sarenza and many others. In order to further strengthen its support to young entrepreneurs, HEC Paris has joined Station F, the biggest start-up campus in the world.

HEC Paris has been strongly involved in Entrepreneurship for over 30 years. It has put in place many initiatives to boost its development across a wide range of programs, strategic partnerships with large businesses and the creation of an entrepreneurship center.

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The HEC Paris Entrepreneurship Center encourages the creation of businesses by providing advice, incubation, and financing for the creation of new projects, takeovers or spin-off companies in their first steps. With the help of multiple partners, it has put in place several measures/services:

  • The HEC Paris Incubator: which allows HEC students and graduates who are wishing to create a business to receive assistance throughout their project. In the form of: personalized tutoring, help with communications, practical workshops and free legal mentoring, among other services. Since its creation in 2007, the HEC Incubator, sponsored by Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet (graduate of HEC class of 1999), has already provided assistance to over 250 businesses, including: Contrat live, i-Demenager, Kujjuk, Leetchi, and Ysé. It has now set up in a new 700 m²-space at Station F so as to give its “incubatees” an access to a vibrant and comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • HEC Start-up In Vitro: a program for business creation which associates projects without entrepreneurs, but who have strong assets (such as technology, know-how and extensive networks of connections), with some entrepreneurs from the HEC network (students at the end of their degree, and alumni).
  • HEC Challenge+: a program of training and guidance for engineering students, without any management training, founding high-potential, innovative projects.
  • StandUp HEC: the social incubator, offering the entrepreneurs of HEC the chance to launch themselves into the socially responsible economy.

With regards to the Grande Ecole program, HEC Paris encourages entrepreneurial vocations starting straight from L3 year (the first year after the Preparatory Classes) for the French students coming from Preparatory Classes. In the M2 year, the international students have access to a wide selection of specializations, among which several have the job of driving the creation of new entrepreneurial ventures:

  • Entrepreneurial track: with unique teaching methods and a highly involved professorial body, we train students in all aspects of entrepreneurship (such as management, sales, leadership) and we provide extensive support.
  • Digital track: as part of this specialization, which is oriented towards Big Data and the digital revolution, students are able to launch their own start-ups by following the Digital Entrepreneurship track. This 9-week long challenge in teams, made up of students from HEC Paris and the engineering schools of Paris Saclay, leads to the launch of several tens of start-ups each year thanks to the involvement of professional entrepreneurs and European investors.

Whatever the nature of your business idea, HEC Paris will bring you the skills and advice necessary to make it a success.