A unique Global Real Estate program

31 January 2011

HEC Paris joined Wisconsin School of Business to create the Global Real Estate Master (GREM) program in 2009 along with Latin America’s INCAE Business School and Asia’s Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The GREM is the first and only graduate-level business program designed to provide students with a specific set of skills and experiences that prepares the students to be leaders in global real estate.

It is a two-phase program that combines high-level instruction in economics, finance, and real estate finance at one of the partner schools with training in the principles of international real estate during a capstone semester at Wisconsin.

The inaugural class of thirteen students has recently joined Wisconsin School of Business for the second phase of the GREM program. This first class will graduate in May 2011.

Two Degrees, two Alumni Networks, limitless Possibilities.

Students will graduate with two degrees; a master or MBA from one of the three GREM partners and the Global Real Estate Master. They will also gain access to the Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association and an international board of advisors of industry leaders specific to the GREM program, expanding students’ global professional network and building a bridge for future international collaboration.

At HEC Paris the GREM program is offered to Specialized Masters in Finance and MBA students.

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