Charles H. Rivkin, The Ambassador of the United States, opens the American week HEC campus

19 October 2012

During this year, crucial for US elections, MBA students, the HEC Debating association, the International Students association (IS) and Best Program launched the first American week on the HEC campus with the support of the French American Foundation - France.

Charles H. Rivkin - American week -  HEC  Paris

It’s the U.S Ambassador of France, Charles H. Rivkin, who kicked off this week full of events in the presence of Bernard Ramanantsoa, Director of HEC Paris and Jean-Luc Allavena, President of French American Foundation – France and former President of the HEC Foundation.

The Ambassador was invited to speak about the use and role of social media in diplomacy, a favorable topic for this "early adopter" who put to work his ideas at the center of the action in the U.S. Embassy in Paris since his appointment in 2009. Before entering the diplomatic career, Charles H. Rivkin spent over twenty years in the media industry, distinguishing himself as one of the top hundred most creative personalities in the business world (ranked by Fast Company magazine). A distinction emphasized by Bernard Ramanantsoa in his introductory remarks to the students, encouraging them to explore innovation.

In his speech, Charles H. Rivkin described how the rise of social media has contributed to the surfacing of a "new diplomacy." It constitutes valuable tool for promoting an "open society and democracy," it encourages the Obama’s diplomatic principle, articulated around the notion of "smart power".

It is his experience as a diplomat, a businessman and as a media figure that Charles H. Rivkin shared with the students. “It’s up to you in this magnificent institution, to change the world”, he declared in front of a captivated audience

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