HEC Paris hosts first IBM Watson Case Competition in Europe

27 March 2015

This past weekend, HEC Paris played host to the first ever IBM Watson Case Competition based outside of the United States. Students from HEC Paris (Grande Ecole and MBA), Centrale-Supélec and Ecole 42 participated in the 3-day competition which asked the teams to propose ideas for how Watson technology can be used in the industry to make better business decisions.

HEC Paris hosts first IBM Watson Case Competition in Europe - HEC Paris 2015

IBM Watson is a cognitive computing system that was made famous by its appearance on the US television show, Jeopardy. By analysing volumes of information, Watson is able to understand natural language and generate hypotheses and answers to improve decision making. According to IBM, "The goal is to have computers start to interact in natural human terms across a range of applications and processes, understanding the questions that humans ask and providing answers that can understand and justify."

The winning team, comprised of four HEC Paris MBA students, tackled the problem of depression treatment. In the world, roughly 350 million people suffer from depression. By creating “Blue”, a virtual system that is part application for patients and part analytics system for doctors, the team hopes to more efficiently streamline the existing data and provide answers  and information to those in need.

In attendance were judges and advisors from HEC Paris Faculty, IBM and other industry experts. Rob High, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Watson Solutions for the IBM Watson Group, was also present to launch the first non-US IBM Watson Case Competition.

In October 2013 HEC Paris and IBM created a new MBA Curriculum Focused on Big Data / Business Analytics

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