HEC Paris, winner of the MBAT's 20th edition

17 May 2010

For the first time since the creation of the event, HEC won the MBAT

The 20th annual HEC MBA Tournament (MBAT), which took place on the HEC Paris campus from May 13 to 16, gathered 1,500 students from 11 leading international business schools for a series of competitive and networking events.

The MBAT transformed HEC Paris' 300-acre campus into an Olympic-style site, with participants of 70 different nationalities taking part in individual and team sports covering everything from rugby and golf to rock-climbing and salsa dancing.

The MBAT is much more than a sporting competition: it is the largest annual gathering of MBA students in the world. Offering team-building and networking opportunities for all participants, the event facilitates interaction between peers from across the international MBA community.

Support from the business community remains high with Nike, Lacoste, L’Oréal, Vivendi and Sportalise among this year’s sponsors. As well as making friends both on and off the field, participants take advantage of valuable opportunities to interact with potential employers.

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HEC Paris placed first overall in this year’s MBAT

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