"Les oiseaux ou l’ornithologie des livres": A Permanent Installation by Peter Wüthrich on the HEC Campus

23 October 2013

After the "Les Anges du monde"  project in 2008 and the "L’effet papillon"  exhibition in March 2012, Peter Wüthrich has returned to the HEC Campus to reveal his latest work. The permanent installation ‘Les Oiseaux ou l’ornothologie des livres’ is situated in the HEC gardens (T building) and is a declension of the central theme of Peter Wülthrich’s work: to create art with books.

"Les oiseaux ou l’ornithologie des livres", Peter Wüthrich - HEC Paris

Les Oiseaux ou l’ornothologie des livres 2013’

'Barnett Newman (the American expressionist painter), once said that “Aesthetics are for artists what ornithology is for birds” '

The book is the principal material of the Swiss artist’s paintings, sculptures, photos, videos… In his very hands the book transforms into butterflies, angels or even birds. From an inanimate object comes a vital being, gifted with a personality and unique spirit. It speaks to us and enters into a dialogue with humanity: an old adage states that books and knowledge give us the wings we need to fly.

Peter Wüthrich has conceived this installation specifically for the HEC Campus. It is the third project he has done for the school. 

HEC Contemporary Art Space 

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