Opening of a temporary office of the préfecture of the Yvelines at HEC: Simplified procedures for the French residence permit renewal.

6 May 2014

From May 6th to June 25th on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, a temporary office of the Préfecture of Yvelines (Versailles) will open on HEC campus in the building S, room R01, and will be able to receive final applications for residence permits from international students at HEC and will take their fingerprints.

Opening of a temporary office of the préfecture of the Yvelines at HEC

The temporary office will be open for 2 days per week on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays during May and June. This period corresponds to the peak of applications for the renewal of French residence permits for HEC international students, Grande Ecole, MBA and PhD programs.

Two agents, one from the préfecture and one from HEC, will process the students’ applications on the day when they are called to submit their fingerprints. The two agents will be responsible for the final validation of the French residence permit. A fingerprint recognition sensor provided by the préfecture of the Yvelines will scan the fingerprints of the students.  Since 2013, fingerprints have been required for the residence permit. A receipt (récépissé) will be given to every student in order to regularize their stay while the application is being processed and the residence permit (card) is being made.

The International Office staff members and a PhD staff member will continue to support students in the constitution of their file and will make the appointments for the submission of fingerprints at the temporary office.

Pilot project

The security of our premises has enabled us to achieve this project. HEC is amongst the pilot projects of the Ministry of the Interior which plans to open these kind of temporary offices in other schools and universities in France.
Depending on the success of this first experience, the residence permit will be given out to the students at HEC. Presently, the residence permit is to be collected by the student at the préfecture in Versailles.


The opening of this temporary office will greatly improve the life of international students.
The appointments for the submission of fingerprints will be scheduled in agreement with the student in order to respect his/her timetable.
Waiting time between the deposit submission and the receipt of the final residence permit will be significantly reduced.
The proximity of the temporary office will facilitate the process and avoid time conflicts with courses and exams.

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