Two HEC research projects on Sustainable Energy and Airline Industry funded by the Qatar National Research Fund

19 November 2012

Two large research projects led by HEC professors have been awarded funding by the Qatar National Research Fund.

HEC Paris in Qatar

Andrea Masini, Associate Professor  and Sam Aflaki, Assistant Professor at HEC Paris, were awarded $993 000 by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) for their research proposal: “Designing, Managing and Assessing Incentive Structures for Sustainable Energy Solutions” .The project focuses on energy efficiency initiatives and renewable energies sources. Using a combination of econometric analyses, analytical modelling and qualitative research methods it will study different sustainable energy solutions in different geographical and economic contexts, with an aim to provide recommendations as to the optimal incentive structure.
Laoucine Kerbache is carrying out research in conjunction with Qatar University on “Competitive Airline Revenue and Fare Pricing Optimization facing Customers’ Behavior” .  The project has been awarded $443,248, over 3 years. The proposed research addresses an airline revenue management problem. Qatar Airways has agreed to provide data for the project and expects practical benefits .Applications are numerous  in business sectors such as retail, telecommunication, hotels, manufacturing, etc.
The project was launched in October 2012 and will be carried out over 3 years. Between 6 and 8 new projects new are expected to be submitted by HEC Paris faculty to QNRF early 2013
New business case study fund
Qatar Foundation has endowed HEC Paris Paris in Qatar with a Special Fund  for the writing of case studies on Qatari Corporations. “The purpose is twofold ” says Professor Hyafil, Academic Dean, HEC Paris in Qatar: “attracting HEC Faculty to Qatar and disseminating educational material which will allow business students world wide to acquire a grasp of the Qatari economy”. Potential areas are: the luxury industry, family business, renewable energy, sustainability, etc …
Roger Hallowell, Affiliate Professor with HEC Paris, has written a case study on change management at Qatar Telecom, called “Transformation in the Gulf” . The business case study explores how Qtel has moved from a state monopoly to global provider, successfully changing its approach to the market and the customer...It has been submitted for publication by ECCH (The European Case Clearing House).


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