VIII Medici Summer School in Management studies

VIII Medici Summer School in Management studies

June 6th - June 10th, 2016 at HEC Paris

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2nd edition of the SnO Research Day

2nd edition of the SnO Research Day

June 14-15 2016

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Finance4Good conference

Finance4Good conference

How can Finance help address the main challenges
of our global society?

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CONGRATULATIONS to the SnO Center members for

TWO Nominations for SMS Best Conference Paper among which “Narrative construction during strategic change: A dynamic perspective ” by Elena Dalpiaz (Imperial College) and Giada Di Stefano

Best Paper Award awarded by the ARCS Research Conference 2016 to Rodolphe Durand and his co-authors for “Different Shades of Green: A General Model of Organizational Responses to Normative Pressures

TWO Emerald Citations of Excellence 2016 awarded to Giada Di Stefano and Rodolphe Durand and their co-authors.


"In recent years, the concept of social business has emerged as a middle road between philanthropy and the pursuit of maximum profit.

Read the whole issue on "Social business: a different way of doing business and investing" HERE by Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot Associate Professor at HEC Paris, co-founder of the HEC Chair “Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty”

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Social Business/Enterprise & Poverty Chair


If you have an interest in societal issues and are willing to examine the role of business in society, join this intensive 2-week summer program.

There are business solutions to solve social problems. New models exist and are successful " says Professor Mohammed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2006 and co-president of the HEC Paris Social Business Chair.

Student posts

The Silent Transformations, by François Jullien

T.Desdouits 14 February 2016

[AMO Publication] Western thought, as much as the Greek thought from which it stems, is (...)