Finance4Good conference

Finance4Good conference

How can Finance help address the main challenges
of our global society?

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“Fact Impact Planet” awarded Best Pedagogical Initiative by HEC Foundation

“Fact Impact Planet” awarded Best Pedagogical Initiative by HEC Foundation

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This month’s newsletter focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and pinpoints work carried out by HEC Paris’ SnO Center. Its research aims to show how a company’s competitive advantage comes from focusing not only on economic gain, but also how it aligns its values and operations to contribute to a better society while preserving the natural environment.

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Impact'preneures 2016

1st Impact'Preneures University on July 11-13, on HEC Campus, three days to promote women social entrepreneurship

and more after the summer:

on September 29: Finance4Good event

in October: two outstanding socio-entrepreneurs conferences with Runa Khan, Founder of NGO 'Friendship', Bangladesh and Antonio Meloto, founder of NGO 'Gawad Kalinga', Philippines

in November: unique conference with Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus 

Call for papers

Social Business Academia Conference 2016

10 June 2016

The concept of Social Business has been initiated and promoted by Nobel Peace Laureate Professor (...)