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14 April 2016

April SnO Monthly Meeting



1) Announcements (projects for 2016)

  • Next meeting : May 26 (Bénédicte & Laure),
  • June events (Romain & Giada)
  • Big campus conference: Finance4Good (Bénédicte)

   2) Research Presentation by David M. Waguespack

     From University of Maryland, College Park

         "Competition and Influence between Critics"


Are information intermediaries subject to competitive pressure and influence from each other? How does this impact their published reviews? Our study provides evidence that film and video game critics, unlike securities analysts whose forecasts tend to converge on those of other analysts, differentiate from each other. Using reviews posted on for movies and video games, we examine the differences between reviews by critics when they are published on the same day and when one critic publishes a review after the other. Our within-product and within-critic analyses suggest that critics are more negative than they would otherwise be when they can observe the reviews of other critics. This effect is heightened as the competitive overlap between the critics increases.

News & Events


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Student posts

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