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5 November 2015

November SnO Monthly Meeting


Next meeting, Nov 5th, two colleagues will present their research during our meeting from 12:00 to 2 pm: John Mawdsley , & Afshin Merhpouya will present “David and Goliath ? Performances of Survival in Regulatory Capitalism” and, Thank you guys!

We will also take some time to go over the projects for 2016. So far, we agreed on a second edition for the ‘SnO Research Day’ (April or May), the organization of the Medici Summer School on campus (early June as usual), and discussed the possibility to have also a thematic conference (e.g. on collaboration across different organization types; on mobile money).

During the last September meeting, we also mentioned :

(1) involve more our fellows and former members from abroad : How could we do this?

(2) the collective writing of a brief/policy note: Which topic? Who would be interested?

(3) the organization of a SnO event at Egos or AoM 2016: a cocktail, dinner, ….

(4) the creation of a subgroup to reflect on an Exec Ed program

Finally, as the November meeting is the last one before budgeting, we need to know whether:

(5) some SnO phd students plan to go abroad and need funding

(6) some crazy other ideas and projects could fit in the SnO remit and need financing

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