SnO events

18 October 2016

October SnO Monthly Meeting


- Brief update on projects for 2017: still time to suggest ideas (around a research topic financed by SnO, an event, ...)

- info about Executive Education: new offers, programs, contacts with companies

- 2 research presentations:

"Willing and Able: a General Model of Organizational Responses to Normative Pressures" (R. Durand, O. Hawn, and I. Ioannou) which deals with greenwashing and decoupling as a function of issue salience and resource mobilization costs.


"How Non-For-Profit Actors Can Foster Complementarities in Business Ecosystems" (E. Plaksenkova and O. Chatain) which models how non-for-profit organizations can help solve market failures among ecosystem participants (e.g., suppliers facing a powerful buyer)

Next dates

Nov 15th: SnO with Rob Hopkins (

Dec 13th : Research session


Tuesday January 24

Thursday February 23

Tuesday March 14

News & Events


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Call for papers

Appel à propositions - Colloque Politiques et Management Public

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Student posts

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