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2EI VEOLIA Boosts Innovative Solutions, Creates Resilient Cities

13 June 2018

S&O Center partner and co-sponsor of the Movement for Social*Business Impact, VEOLIA dedicates itself to social entrepreneurship strategy and sustainable development through its unique entity, 2EI VEOLIA. Innovation Project Director and HEC Paris Alumnus, Benoit Ringot, along with CEO of 2EI VEOLIA, Eric Lesueur, explain how the interdisciplinary team addresses various aspects of (...)

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HEC Paris Takes to the Seine to Celebrate a Decade of Social Business Certificate

12 June 2018

In 2009, the Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty (SB/EP) Certificate was launched as part of HEC Paris’ long-lasting commitment to tackling social and environmental issues. Fast forward to the evening of May 29, 2018, past and present participants, professors, and corporate partners are celebrating the 10th  anniversary and success of the Certificate on a boat in the Seine. The SB/EP (...)

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Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Certificate: An Immersive Field Experience

12 June 2018

“There are business solutions to solve social problems. New models exist and are successful,” Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Co-President of the HEC Paris Social Business/Enterprise and Poverty Chair. 

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Fourth Annual Research Day Ramps Up International Exchanges

5 June 2018

The May 24-25 edition of the Society & Organization Research Day brought together leading researchers from the HEC Paris’ S&O Center and high-profile external faculty members to share their latest studies in a wide array of social fields. “With this workshop, you provide a privileged window into what’s coming in the near future,” commented one of this year’s three keynote speakers, (...)

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France Reaches Out to Mission-led Companies

5 June 2018

Full house at Station F’s French Tech Center for the May 14 debate on the pros and cons of mission-led companies in France. In the light of a just-released survey - co-sponsored by HEC’s Society & Organizations Center, Viavoice and Prophil -, academics, politicians and entrepreneurs discussed a strategy devoted to the convergence of philanthropic and business models that could be (...)

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HEC’s Fashion Revolution Counts on Accountability, Transparency and Fair Trade

23 May 2018

Six HEC students from the SASI (MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation) program marked the annual April 22-29 Fashion Revolution Week by organizing a high-powered on-campus debate entitled “The Future of Fashion”. The April 25 debate featured representatives both from top firms and up-and-coming companies. All focused on responses to the exploitation, opacity, environmental hazards (...)

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Smart City Technology Opens Up Employment Horizons for HEC Students

10 April 2018

Technological leaps, notably linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, are accelerating the number and size of smart cities globally. Specialists agree that the impact on travel, energy and waste will be huge, opening up undreamt of opportunities – and, arguably, risks – for major companies and their employment strategies in these sectors. HEC Paris invited representatives from some of (...)

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Responsabilité sociale de l'entreprise : assiste-t-on à une évolution des mentalités ?

26 March 2018

Le débat actuel serait-il en train de faire évoluer les mentalités sur la responsabilité sociale de l’entreprise (RSE) ? Alors que Nicole Notat et Jean-Dominique Senard ont rendu au début du mois un rapport ambitieux préconisant d’inscrire dans le code civil « les enjeux sociaux et environnementaux » de l’entreprise, les prises de position se multiplient sur ces enjeux, notamment parmi les (...)

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Call for papers

Appel à propositions - Colloque Politiques et Management Public

15 November 2018

Cet appel à propositions émanant du Colloque annuel de la revue "Politiques et Management (...)

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What if our civilization were to collapse five years from now? What if money were to become (...)