Hee Zhi Poh

Hee Zhi Poh

2014 Summer School


Undergraduate student, Rice University

HEC Paris Summer School is a true experience of a lifetime

HEC Paris has long been lauded as the premier academic institution in Europe for business and social entrepreneurship. As an individual who is keen to learn more about these fields, I was attracted to HEC’s comprehensive summer school program on Inclusive and Social Business which adopts an intensive case study approach to examine impactful organisations and their path to success.

The individual task set out in the course necessitates a high-degree of independence from students. We had to undertake a rigorous analysis of the issues raised in the assignment and offer substantiated arguments (built from relevant statistics and information) to our suggested solutions. It challenged our critical thinking and the ability to develop a cohesive plan of action, a skill crucial in any industry.

Groupwork was an invaluable experience that required me to work in team that shared a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds. With a real-world business challenge at hand, my team and I learned to arrive at an optimum solution through meaningful discourse and the combination of our expertise and knowledge. By engaging the judges for the group presentation, I practiced my communication skills in a professional setting, well preparing me for my future career endeavors.

Residential life on campus was a delightful time. The close proximity between fellow students stimulated closer interactions and was very conducive to promoting the communal spirit at HEC Paris. Local students were very welcoming, most notably shown when the class was invited to a graduate student’s apartment to watch the Fifa World Cup. Residential life was quick to accentuate the warm ambience around campus.

The HEC Paris Summer School Program is an exclusive opportunity that encompasses an unparalleled education on business issues, an exquisite journey of cultural discovery and the joy of meeting the most vibrant and diverse group of friends. A true experience of a lifetime.