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Diversity shines through in the 'Incubateur HEC Paris’ Fall 2022 intake!

It is once again this time of the year when people get back to business. But for some, September will not mean ‘business as usual’, it will be about getting on track to change the course of their company. This is exactly what the Incubateur HEC Paris wishes for the new startups that have just joined the program! On September 7, 54 carefully selected startups entered our flagship program at Station F. If some startups made it to the Incubateur HEC Paris by following the traditional process, some came from other horizons.So let us tell you a bit more about the Incubateur HEC Paris’ Fall 2022 batch.

Incubateur HEC Paris intake Fall 2022

The Incubateur HEC Paris incubees

Here is a quick overview of the 11 lucky startups selected to participate in the Fall 2022 Incubateur HEC Paris program session. From carpooling and neo-bakeries to housing solutions for employees, these startups now have the opportunity to take their project to the next level.


Discover the 11 shortlisted companies

Livret P. is the mobile application that democratizes real estate savings, by up to 6%, without fees.

Ynstant is the first application that allows drivers to carpool simply, without detours and at the last minute. 

Terrio is a company with an industrial vocation for the production of building materials based on raw earth. Their first products are blocks of 1 square meter allowing the construction of walls for housing, public or tertiary buildings.

Tranché ! puts craftsmanship back at the heart of new consumption patterns by creating the first chain of neo-bakeries.

KiwiFlip enables startups to recruit the best passive tech talent found in online communities through their tech-influencer marketing platform. Instead of wasting effort on time-intensive and low-yield cold reach-outs on multiple channels to distant prospects, KiwiFlips lets CTOs and CEOs leverage its network of community leaders to get endorsed and receive introductions to curated candidates, right to their inbox.

Salesramp is a SaaS that helps companies design and automate their Sales commission plan; instead of using error-prone spreadsheets that do not give Sales reps any visibility on their quota achievement.

Inclusive Brains develops brain-computer interfaces and artificial intelligence algorithms allowing connected objects (workstations, phones, vehicles) and/or physical and digital environments (home automation, metavers) to sense the cognitive and emotional states of the users (attention, stress, mental load) and be controlled only by thought, i.e. without the need for movement or voice commands.

Their solutions are developed to enable people with cognitive and/or motor disabilities who have lost the use of certain limbs and/or speech to have (again) the possibility to communicate with their relatives, access the education system and employment. The company's goal is to democratize neurotechnologies in sectors such as education, well-being and performance at work, gaming and e-sports, or health.

Outwork offers a new work experience in unique venues in the countryside, accessible by train from main cities. Employees can work comfortably, eat healthily, get energy back and share great moments with colleagues or new people. The experience is funded or co-funded by the company.

The Nest offers companies an urban housing solution for their employees, with serviced apartments located in prime locations, designed to enhance the employee experience and company culture.

Sève allows fashion brands to perform organic product placement more easily and more effectively than they can today by connecting them directly to the stylists responsible for lucrative celebrity and editorial endorsements.

TrackR is a new financial system for NGOs to improve the traceability and the efficiency of humanitarian assistance thanks to blockchain technologies.



The incubees from the Startup Launchpad program


Two startups from the Launchpad program are also enriching this new batch. The HEC Startup LaunchPad program is designed to help student entrepreneurs launch their startup in 10 weeks! The challenge has been more than successful for these two startups.


Check the Launchpad startups here

Clarity seeks to make brain health accessible to all with a digital therapy for Alzheimer's disease, which administers neurostimulators using virtual reality, and which has the potential to delay the development of the disease.

Revyze, through its community-powered learning app, allows students to learn through short videos and quizzes by their peers. A way to democratize access to high quality education for all, worldwide.


South Korea highly represented thanks to the Korean Startup Center program


The Incubateur HEC Paris partnered with The Korean Institute for Startup and Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) and the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME) to create the Korean Startup Center (KSC) program. The idea behind it? To improve the market fit of South Korean startups in France and in Europe, and to accelerate their business development. 21 startups are joining this new batch. Let’s take a look at the solutions these Korean startups wish to bring to France and beyond.


Welcome to the21 Korean sta rtups

Toonsquare provides high-quality webtoon resources and intuitive editing tools. As a result, even people who can't draw can easily create their webtoon content.

UCL Trading is a group of high precision machinery manufacturers, which includes optical fusion splicers, optical connectors, optical cables, other optical splicing accessories, and FTTH solutions.

Lou et Lang develop and produce the "Real" Korean Food Products and spread the experience of Korea all over the world! 

BOTTLESS offers a non-plastic airless packaging solution for cosmetics.

Komachine is the #1 machine industry online platform in Asia, connecting more than 3,000 machine suppliers with 100,000 global buyers from 150 countries every month. They provide the easiest online marketing service for machine suppliers and the fastest buying service to global buyers.

Delightpool is a stylish and sustainable Women's active swimwear brand that solves customers’ issues with traditional indoor swimsuits – typical athletic design & unnecessary body exposure.

Mapiacompany is a global music-tech company that connects musicians and fans through music content distribution platform services. 

inDJ is a music application that recommends music to the user based on the user’s situation and emotion. The startup is preparing to upgrade the app to build a community for K-POP fans.

BLINTN is a global B2B content marketplace and a funding platform, offering an end-to-end service across all of the value chains of the media production for global content, with the mission of introducing outstanding content extensively. It enables global media companies to buy and sell top-tier content and original stories, and facilitates the financing process for upcoming productions, all in one platform. 

AligoAI helps e-commerce companies through personalized web solutions (display, outbound and K-celeb ad contents platform services.

The Daebak company is an e-commerce platform (for trendy Korean products) running 2 business models: on-demand and subscription box.

NEWTO is an emerging XR tech startup, which provides a variety of experiences by a combination of physical space and online digital worlds of the Metaverse.  Theye add a digital layer to physical space through projection mapping, so that they can completely change the surrounding environment.

NomadHer is an app for the community of female globetrotters worldwide, currently being used by over 150 nationalities. Through NomadHer, women can participate in travel camps for female travelers to share inspiration, find other travel companions and share insights and tips for female travelers.

Ratio LLC develops and manufactures innovative cycling computers, which consume very low energy and are the world's first solar-chargeable cycling GPSs. 

Deardot is a ‘Beauty-Tech Startup for the Next Generation. They are developing ‘zero-waste’ beauty products used in everyday life, which are recyclable and biodegradable to spread the eco-friendly way of life to consumers.

EZ GROUP INC. proposes road-sign and traffic safety sign-boards, advertisement panels for consumers as well for the public domain, and related accessories, e.g. solar system. 

Adriel is a digital marketing platform that leverages diverse technologies, allowing for creating, managing and optimizing all digital marketing campaigns in one place.

Deep Bio Inc. is an AI biotech company with in-house expertise in deep learning, pathology, life sciences, and pharmacotherapeutics. It is an AI-based cancer diagnostic support solution. 

AON manufactures and sells liquid Zirconia slurry (INNI-CERA) and a dedicated 3D printer (ZIPRO), furnace and other equipment for dental and industrial purposes.

Teuida provides a mobile app in which non-native Korean speakers learn the Korean language, especially speaking, through interactive simulations.

Bejewel services 'amondz', Asia's largest jewelry vertical e-commerce platform.


Women and their thirst to contribute to a better world on the front line

The WomenEntrepreneur4Good (WE4G) program confirms its legitimacy with the entirety of the latest class that joined the HEC Paris Incubator. The 18 women entrepreneurs, who have a project that responds to societal challenges, have successfully completed the acceleration stage of their startup and have every intention of continuing their momentum. 

From France to Greece, via Sri Lanka, Denmark or South Africa, the geographical diversity does not prevent these women from moving forward, quite the contrary. Recycling school uniforms, providing trendy clothes to the 'plus size' public, capitalizing on data and AI to better communicate on CSR objectives or accompanying organizations towards ecological transition, recycling cooking oil... these are all projects that we hope to see flourish within the HEC Paris Incubator! 


Discover all the startups from the WE4G program here

38-60 Out of The Box (Italy) wishes to meet the demand of customers in the 'plus size' category who now require modern and fashionable clothing.

Abambou Wellness (France) is an all-in-one platform to find wellness products and practices to improve overall health.

AI for Sustainability (France): Thanks to their ImpACT tool, the most relevant CSR data and objectives can be communicated to the right stakeholders in just 1 click.

Canari (France) improves indoor work environments to maximize occupants' well-being, health, concentration and creativity while facilitating building management and quality of work life issues.

Dataphoria (Greece) provides a data-driven solution (Analytics-as-a-Service) for companies, organizations and cities to help them effectively measure, optimize and communicate their sustainability transition.

Ecogenia's Youth Climate Corps (Greece) engages youth to promote sustainable development solutions for a resilient Greece.

FINGREEN AI (France) leverages innovative Explainable AI and API technologies to inform current financial decisions based on projected future ESG impact.

Fix That Shirt (France) helps users to quickly find affordable and trustworthy tailors within their budget, timeline and locality.

Impacti SDG (France & USA) is an agile impact management platform for engaging suppliers and investments.

Mercati & More (France) is a one-stop shop for a more direct order cycle resulting in an optimized global food supply chain.

Nelson (France) aims to turn electrification into an opportunity for companies’ car fleets.

OILI (UK) is the first waste management company for used cooking oil (UCO) in the UK.

Ost. (France) gives a second life to old textiles sleeping in closets and stocks, by dyeing it naturally, in dedicated laundromat concept stores.

Seeds of Colour (United Kingdom) aims to offer 100% plant-based cosmetics for the face and body, using pigments from waste fruits and vegetables.

Soil Doctors (Sri Lanka) provides a quality organic fertilizer to reduce environmental pollution.

Sprout Africa (South Africa) Facilitates access to market while incorporating aspects of business and agricultural training.

Terr_estre (France) seeks to solve local sustainability issues by creating perennial ecosystems and employment in the Isère territory (France). 

WE-REUNIFORM (Denmark) allows parents to save and protect the environment by buying second-hand school uniforms.


Two Lebanon startups join the new cohort at Station F

Could we have made this new batch even more diverse? We have indeed, by hosting the two Lebanese startups winners of the ESA-HEC Paris 2022 prize.


Take me to the Lebanese startups

neo is Lebanon's next generation of Digital Financial Services Platform

RebornTech tackles the issue of textile waste being sent to landfills by an innovative process that transforms it into insulation material. Their triple green innovation prevents the overload of landfills by saving textile waste from being dumped into them, reduces Carbon Footprint by the insulation material that reduces energy consumption and prevents natural resources from being exhausted in the manufacturing processes of conventional insulation solutions.


A memorable first day at Station F



The intake day on September 7th was the opportunity for each startup to feel the entrepreneurial and innovation atmosphere of Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus, where the program physically takes place. The day started with a team building activity, followed by a tour of the whole Station F venue - given by the Incubateur HEC Paris Director, Antoine Leprêtre - and a full presentation of the program. The rest of the day was dedicated to a pitch of each startup, a networking session with the experts and a soirée. Definitely a day to remember for our incubees, ready to leverage the exceptional network of experts of the program to help them take their startup to the next level. 


Learn more about the Incubateur HEC Paris