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Student Clubs


Student Clubs are at the heart of our vibrant on-campus experience. Getting involved in a professional or social club offers opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and forge stronger bonds with your classmates, as well as network with alumni and business leaders at conferences and events.

Professional Clubs

Tap into the powerful off-campus network that defines HEC Paris by joining one - or several! - of our professional clubs. These organizations offer a fun way to deep-dive into the industry of your choice, expanding your knowledge in the field while offering you exciting ways to network with HEC alumni and other industry experts.


The Africa Club’s overall vision is to enhance the image of Africa as a continent of choice for investment, leisure activities and residence. Our motto is “bringing the world to Africa, taking Africa to the world.”

We achieve this by:

  • Increasing career opportunities for HEC students who may be interested in working in Africa (either through internships or full-time employment)
  • Networking and information for HEC Paris entrepreneurs who may wish to open shop in Africa
  • Cultural exchange/promotion of the best of African culture
  • Increasing the representation of African students in the HEC Paris MBA program
  • Promoting and facilitating networking among students and alumni currently in Africa

Contact us at:

The city of Paris is world-renowned for its commitment to and expertise in the areas of culture and the arts. Being just a stone's throw away from the HEC Paris campus, the MBA program is exposed to a number of resources afforded by its unique geography.
Thus, the Arts, Media & Entertainment Club was founded, in part, to help provide access to and generate awareness of the many opportunities at our disposal. As a professional club, it also serves primarily to bring knowledge and exposure to a huge variety of industries for the students of the HEC Paris MBA.


  • To promote the image of HEC Paris as a source of creative and strategic talent in the Arts, Media & Entertainment sectors.
  • To generate awareness to MBA students of the professional opportunities available in industries ranging from fine art to film.
  • To provide training and applied learning in areas related to media and design, for professional uses.
  • To foster social events and gatherings for students of shared interests within the arts.



The Asia-Pacific Business Club works to build strong links between HEC Paris and the Asia-Pacific region for everyone who has a professional and cultural interest in the region. We organise networking events, conferences on and off campus and, best of all, an Asia Trek designed for participants who are looking for a job in the Asia-Pacific area.

The club helps to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Asia’s business practices, cultures and politics
  • Provide support for participants seeking business and career opportunities in Asia
  • Promote and facilitate networking among participants and alumni currently in Asia

Contact us at:

The MBA's Black in Business Professional Club is the center of community for all Black students and their allies at HEC Paris. We are committed to the career advancement of Black students across the African diaspora to provide them with access to opportunities and exposure to employers across all major sectors that are taking tangible actions to address diversity and racial equity.


The HEC Paris MBA Black in Business Professional Club will take every effort to:

  • Support Black students during their career journey & MBA experience
  • Inform the general student body on what being an ally is and how to be an ally and advocate for diversity & equitable treatment within their workplaces
  • Aid in the recruitment of Black students to the HEC Paris MBA


Read more about how and when MBA students Shlya DeVeaux, MBA '22, and Temitope Ahmed, MBA '21, co-founded the club on our MBA News Website.


Contact us at:




Our mission is to inspire the HEC Paris MBA Society to explore the rapidly growing opportunities of the blockchain space. We seek to develop a knowledgeable and skilled community of blockchain enthusiasts, providing them with the resources to apply their competencies in both academic and professional domains.

Our Goals

We strive to connect MBA students and alumni of HEC Paris with Blockchain companies, through work collaboration (MBA Projects, hackathons), coffee chats, forums, internships, and entrepreneurship projects.

Contact us at:


Visit the Club's Website

The Consulting Club's mission is to support, educate and empower HEC Paris MBA students who are interested in pursuing a career in consulting through a combination of external outreach and internal-development programs.

In the pursuit of this mission, we focus on two core areas for our members: improved access to recruiters via networking events, and practical resources for interview preparedness. For the community at large, we work to disseminate information about the consulting industry and seek to enhance the HEC Paris brand among recruiters.

Contact us at:

The Consulting Practice at HEC Paris is a professional consulting organization led by MBA students. We help our clients solve their real-world business problems by leveraging the professional experience of our students.

To ensure consistent value creation for our clients and the HEC Paris community, we are guided by an illustrious Advisory Board consisting of the MBA Programs' Associate Dean, professors and alumni.

Our Vision & Approach:

  1. Our vision is to build a globally successful consulting brand that creates significant value for our clients, and to help develop the next generation of top management consultants.
  2. Our approach is to be results-driven, to leverage best practices throughout our engagement, and to deliver a premium consultancy experience.

Client Services:

  1. Strategy Advisory: We enable our clients to achieve their organizational goals by developing realistic strategy and operations optimization roadmaps.
  2. Digital & Analytics Advisory: We enable clients' businesses and operations to be future-ready by leveraging our expertise in Digital/Technology and Advanced Analytics to drive organizational transformation.
  3. Global Expansion & Emerging Markets Advisory: We facilitate global expansion of companies by developing their business strategy and local networks, and by providing cross-cultural training support.

Our Clientele:

  1. The Business Community: We create value for large corporations, Small & Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs), and start-ups through customized strategy development and operations optimization services.
  2. The Social Impact & Development Community: We combine the MBA students' extensive business expertise with the in-depth focus of students of the Masters' in Sustainability & Social Innovation to deliver significant positive social and environmental impact for our clients (non-profits, corporations, and international organizations).
  3. Our Alumni: We support and accelerate our alumni's organizations by helping them leverage the talent, knowledge and network of HEC's ecosystem.

Visit our website for more information. We were also featured here.

Contact us at:


Our Club's Vision

To make HEC Paris a center of excellence with future leaders proficient in the fields of both Business and Artificial Intelligence.


Our mission is to facilitate discussion, learning, and interest in the field of data science, business analytics and artificial intelligence within and outside HEC Paris, and to connect students with organizations excelling in the domain.

Contact us:

While digital profoundly impacts all industries, it is also an ultimate challenge. On one end of the spectrum, there are industries like media or finance that have achieved a high level of digitalization; on the other end, there are industries like healthcare and construction or even luxury, which are just starting to warm up to the idea of digitalization.

Digitalization impacts not only companies’ structures and strategic positioning, but also all levels of an organization and its extended supply chain. Business leaders must constantly challenge organizations to ensure this change can unlock productivity gains and significant competitive advantage - all while delivering exceptional customer experience.

We created the Digital Transformation Club to provide students with a complete overview of what it takes to successfully implement digital transformation within companies. The Club offers a point of contact between HEC Paris MBA students and the various companies across all industries that are involved in digitalization.

Click here to learn more about the club's recent visit to Alstom, a leader in the transportation sector.

Our mission is to:


  • Expose students to real-world digitalization projects through company visits and treks
  • Collaborate with the HEC Idea Center and the MBA’s Digital Innovation Specialization to organize conferences and other events that bring companies to campus
  • Give students an overview of the skills needed to work in a digitalized world
  • Prepare students for the Digital Innovation Specialization
  • Work with the MBA’s Consulting and Industry Clubs to create networking and learning experiences applicable to all three clubs

Contact us at:

This club is for those interested in finding internships or job placements within the energy sector as well as those curious to explore and learn about the energy industry.


We create opportunities to enter the energy industry. By leveraging our collective networks, delivering pertinent knowledge in a rapidly evolving sector, and organizing collaborative inter-club events, we hope to make energy an accessible and enticing career prospect.

We are a group of MBA students passionate about energy. We come from diverse functions and geographies. What connects us is the aspiration to live in a sustainable, energy-efficient tomorrow. That powerful idea keeps us going each day - to explore clean technology, to nurture entrepreneurship, to collaborate with like-minded people.

To fulfill this vision, the Energy Club has following activities:

  •     Energy Day
  •     Company visits
  •     Alumni events
  •     Speaker sessions
  •     Workshops
  •     Energy treks


The Entrepreneurship Club is committed to immersing the MBA community in entrepreneurship opportunities and showing the added value an MBA degree brings to entrepreneurship and startups. We collaborate with other clubs, and strengthen the entrepreneurial mindset of our members through an annual series of events and workshops.


Improve skills, share knowledge and provide tools for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, as well as offer specific workshops for entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Invite guest speakers to share their experiences as entrepreneurs
  • Organise events such as conferences and pitch contests
  • Develop alliances with other schools in order to launch high-technology ventures
  • Offer internships and job positions in startups, venture capital and M&A organizations

Contact us at:

The HEC Paris MBA Finance Club brings together students in the HEC Paris MBA program interested in all branches of Finance. Through our professional undertakings and contact with HEC Alumni, we help foster the optimal environment for students to pursue top careers in Finance.


  • To empower and support our club members in exploring job opportunities in Finance by boosting their skills and knowledge of industry trends.
  • To increase participation and engagement of the Finance Club members through treks designed to expand their network throughout Europe.
  • To strengthen our partnerships with HEC Alumni, the Career Center, the HEC Grand École Finance Club and other MBA clubs.

Contact us at:


The FinTech Club’s mission is to transform the HEC MBA Program into a reference in FinTech, both for hiring companies and for prospective students. We aim to form a community of passionate people about this industry and bring together students and professionals at the intersection of finance and technology, being part of the revolution of the finance industry.


  • CONNECTIONS: Foster relationships between HEC and the FinTech community through networking and partnerships
  • KNOWLEDGE: Make sure up-to-date knowledge is being generated, kept and shared
  • CAREERS: Through the generated connections and working closely with HEC Talents Initiatives,  support the generation of great matches 
  • TALKS: Bring in leaders and entrepreneurs from the industry for greater understanding of the trends and changes in the industry
  • Contact us at:

  • Email:
  • LinkedIn:

The HEC Paris MBA Healthcare Club is dedicated to bringing together students who are interested in healthcare and its related sectors and functions. We build platforms and provide opportunities for students to develop their network and exchange insights with professional and academic leaders in this field.


  • Increase awareness among students about the career-development possibilities in broad healthcare industry
  • Establish and vitalize the community for students to further extend their networks in the field
  • Create opportunities for students to exchange ideas with the most insightful minds of the business front line

Contact us at:

The Impact Club, a global non-profit organization, is a progressive and influential network of new generation leaders who use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. We started as the HEC Paris chapter of the organization in 2005.



We work to inspire, educate and empower students to create a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable world through business. By doing this, we emphasize how it is possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line – but people and planet as well.

We take advantage of HEC Paris’ broad alumni network and Impact Club’s wide external reach to create educational and experiential learning activities for HEC Paris students.

We increase awareness, knowledge and experience of issues related to sustainability, corporate responsibility and social business, as well as provide opportunities to expand participants’ networks with people who engage with the aforementioned issues.

Members learn about internship opportunities and the latest news on sustainability, corporate responsibility and social entrepreneurship. They connect to a global community of more than 20,000 Impact Club members – in large, small and non-profit companies as well as social ventures – to share world-changing ideas and provide career insight. We empower members to lead change, not just on the campus or in the workplace, but also in the more general setting of a community.


Get Involved:

• Visit the HEC chapter website.

• Connect with us on HEConnect


Contact us at:

The Industry Club acts as a gateway to internships, jobs and fieldwork projects in a wide variety of industries: Aerospace, Automotive, FMCG, Telecommunications, Construction, Chemical and Sports & Entertainment. We are committed to building awareness about the different types of industries that offer opportunities for MBA students, and connecting our participants to professionals working in those sectors.

Contact us at:


The LATAM Club works to enhance the image of the region both culturally and commercially. It strives to be a useful, strong and effective tool for everyone who is interested in generating networking opportunities and gaining access to existing job opportunities in the LATAM region.

Permanent goals:

  •  Offering career opportunities for HEC students in Latin America
  • Being a valuable tool for HEC Paris alumni who may wish to connect with Latin America
  • Facilitating networking among alumni and students
  • Positioning HEC Paris in LATAM
  • Spreading the Latin American culture
  • Promoting LATAM within the HEC Paris MBA program

Contact us at:



The mission of the LGBTQ+ and Allies Club is to integrate the greater HEC Paris community and encourage dialogue about the unique issues that LGBTQ+ people face in the workplace and in society. The group organizes a variety of professional and networking events that foster a sense of community and build awareness for future LGBTQ+ leaders and allies.

In 2019, the club, working in conjunction with the Women in Leadership Club, organized the first-ever Diversity Conference to help educate HR professionals and employees about how to create an inclusive work environment. Learn more here.

Our club annually takes part in the Pride Parade in Paris. Read more here.


  • PARTNER with leading corporations to promote LGBTQ+ talent growth and acquisition
  • BUILD a diverse and inclusive environment for the MBA program
  • EMPOWER LGBTQ+ MBA students to drive change around LGBTQ issues in the workplace.

Contact us at:


We are a group of professionals that represent the marketing and media interests of the HEC Paris MBA. In order to leverage the synergies that exist within the school, we work hand-in-hand with the Career Center, the MBA Council and other clubs, including technology, luxury, and  consulting, to create a collaborative setting beneficial to everyone. After all, marketing goes well beyond FMCG companies and marketing agencies! Working together means we learn about marketing in all its functions across all industries.

Curiosity, comprehension and collaboration are the three pillars that guide our mission to:

  • Practice marketing. Hands-on experience during workshops and seminars provide club members with a better understanding of how marketing can be adapted to different industries and sectors.
  • Share expertise. Creating events and spaces to learn from our international peers is a valuable advantage. Together we discuss which strategies were the most successful in our past locations, companies and industries.
  • Network. Building meaningful connections with experienced professionals is a strong leverage that will be useful throughout our careers.

To learn more about a recent event for students seeking careers in digital marketing, click here.

Contact us at:


The Middle East North Africa Clubs works to bridge this region of the world and HEC Paris. We organize networking events, conferences, cultural and gastronomy events, and we also partner with other professional clubs to organize treks. 

The club helps to:

•    Develop awareness of the career opportunities in this region
•    Provide information and insights about business practices, cultures, and habits
•    Animate the network, and support between current students and alumni

Contact us at:

We provide opportunities for our members to learn about the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries through professional and academic activities and workshops.


  • To increase awareness about HEC Paris in the PE/VC sector
  • To strengthen relationships with HEC alumni and provide current students with opportunities to interact with a wide range of industry professionals
  • To inform and support students who want to work in the PE/VC sector, allowing them to develop their knowledge and skills
  • To help PEVC Club members properly navigate the recruiting process to maximize the number and scope of relevant job opportunities available
  • To support participation and provide guidance in global competitions

Contact us at:

The Club's mission is to provide students interested in Product Management with workshops, training and contests to empower them as future Product leaders.


Mission Statement:

  • Hub for Product Management talent: Promote HEC Paris as a hub for PM talent and attract unicorn startups and FAANG companies.
  • Essential tools and skills: Provide MBA students with the essential tools and skills required to succeed as Product Managers and make informed career decisions.
  • Alumni in Product: Cultivate relationships between current HEC students and successful alumni working as Product Managers.
  • Foster Relationships: Foster and improve relationships among the students (interested in Product), the HEC Paris Career Center, companies and other stakeholders.

Contact us:

We focus on two core areas for our members: improving access to the industry via guest-speaker events, and providing practical resources and knowledge to increase familiarity with real estate as a separate asset class.

For the wider HEC community, we share information about the real estate industry and work to enhance the HEC Paris brand among recruiters.


The Real Estate Club’s mission is to educate HEC Paris MBA students who are interested in pursuing a career in the sector or who want to use real estate as an investment strategy. The goal is to empower students by providing them with the tools and insights necessary to evaluate real estate and make intelligent decisions.

Contact us at:


Knowledge is the fundamental pillar upon which all success is built. At the Real Estate Club, we intend to construct the best pillars for our members to ensure that all future successes will be larger and stronger than previously possible.Saman Abazari,MBA Class of 2020

Founded in 2000, the Retail and Luxury Club is one of the largest and most reputable clubs of the HEC Paris MBA program.


We aim to provide first-hand knowledge and networking opportunities to MBA professionals who wish to be future business leaders in the retail and luxury sectors. The club has an extensive network of alumni, industry professionals and professors who facilitate occasions for club members to gain insights into the sector. Through company visits, international treks, speakers panels and alumni aperos, the HEC Paris MBA Retail and Luxury Club provides a portfolio of opportunities for members to discover all facets of the retail and luxury industries.

To learn more about the Retail and Luxury Club's recent series of company visits, click here.

Visit the Retail and Luxury Club's Website at:

Contact us at:

Luxury is a culture, which means you have to understand it to be able to practice it with flair and spontaneity.Jean Noel Kapferer,HEC Paris Professor of Marketing



Raise the awareness of the HEC community in search funds and empower aspiring entrepreneurs with knowledge and network to start a buy-and-build journey.


•    Educate the whole HEC MBA community about the basics of a Search Fund (SF) career path
•    Build a pool of aspiring search fund entrepreneurs for each MBA cohort
•    Enable interested people to upgrade their knowledge and skills about SF 
•    Connect aspiring searchers to the SF ecosystem in the world

Contact us at:

HEC Paris MBA has a strong commitment to technology, innovations and data-driven business development. The Club's mission is to provide students with workshops and training in order to empower them later to integrate technology and analytics into their businesses.


  • To promote the image of HEC Paris as a hub for creative talent in the technology sector
  • To create awareness for MBA students about the possibilities and challenges of technologies
  • To provide training that enhances student's technological knowledge and analytical skills and enable them to make effective and informed decisions
  • To create bridges and links between students, the Career Center, schools, companies and other stakeholders

To learn more about a recent recruiting event Google held on campus, click here.

Contact us at:

We envision a world in which men and women have equal representation, impact and influence, and we foster a community that nurtures gender equality. We promote gender diversity on campus and in the business world by inspiring the next generation of male and female leaders to challenge social constructs around gender roles and to work to change gender relations.


Our mission is "embrace solidarity, celebrate equality." We celebrate equality to inspire the leaders of today and forge the leaders of tomorrow.


We want to be a platform of growth through events, mentorship programs, networks and enlightening talks that bring the student body closer together.

Visit the club's website.

Learn more about the club's campaign to promote more women in business.

Read an interview with a former president of our Women in Leadership Club for International Women's Day.


Contact us at:


Download copies of the Women In Leadership Club's Magazine


Women in leadership magazine cover photos

2020 Magazines

August 2020 issue

September 2020 issue

November 2020 issue

December 2020 issue


2021 Magazines

February 2021 issue

April 2021 issue

June 2021 issue

September 2021 issue

October 2021 issue

November 2021 issue


2022 Magazines

March 2022 issue

September 2022 issue



Social Clubs

Student-run social clubs offer a fun way to bond with your classmates and enhance your life on campus. There's something for everyone!

The French Connection Club is an international group of Francophiles who share their experience and love of France with their fellow MBA students.


Our mission is to introduce international students to the French culture and lifestyle. MBA participants have the opportunity to learn French in language classes, and the French Connection Club allows them to explore the country while practicing the language in a friendly and fun setting.

Contact us at:

The HEC Games Club strives to bring people together through the lens of gaming. Games emphasize creativity and risk taking in a fun and exciting setting. From Uno to Dungeons and Dragons, games are a way to equalize the playing field and bring people from different cultures together to collaborate and learn from each other. Let’s play!


Contact us at:

Welcome to the HEC Paris Partners' Club!

All spouses and significant others of MBA students can join the HEC Paris Partners Club. Whether you plan to live on campus, in one of the nearby towns or villages, or you just plan to visit from time to time, you are more than welcome to participate in one or all of our activities. The club builds long-lasting friendships as we help each other to adapt to HEC and daily life in France by organizing numerous events both on and off campus!


  • To support all HEC Paris partners in their transition to life at HEC, and to create an environment in which partners can learn about different cultures. We strive to have all of our participants make the most of life in France.
  • To represent the interests of all MBA partners by welcoming all cultures, providing assistance to each other and organizing regular events.

We look forward to meeting you!

Contact us at:

The HEC Paris MBA Public Speaking Club was created for students to improve and develop their public speaking skills. 

The primary goal is to build strong, effective communicators for professional and personal purposes.  We provide the opportunity to learn and cultivate communication skills in a fun, supportive environment.

Contact us at:

The Sports and Wellness Club makes it fun to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle while studying at the HEC Paris MBA.

On a formal level, we organize a bi-annual Sports Day to help introduce new students to their peers from other intakes, bring other business schools to campus for competitions and play an active role in MBAT preparations. On an informal level, we provide an easy way for students to meet up for impromptu sporting activities such as an on-campus run or tennis match.


Contact us at:

The Wine, Spirits, and Beer club celebrates the global varieties of beverages the club is so aptly named after. We help students discover the creation processes and understand the industries, including the art, science, and business behind our favorite beverages. Best of all, we enjoy one another’s company over a shared drink.

We look forward to meeting you, Cheers!!


Contact us at: